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Hinterland Restaurant Meat & wine merchants

Welkom by Hinterland

Hier by Hinterland loop rooi vleis en rooi wyn deur ons are. Ons Kalahari vleis word deur ons eie boerdery voorsien en ons produseer ons Stellenbosch wyne in ons eie kelders. Ons is trots op ons produkte en trots Suid Afrikaans.

At Hinterland we make meat and wine part of our daily lives. Our Stellenbosch wines are produced in our own wineries and we supply our Kalahari meat from our farming operation. We pride ourselves in the highest quality of South African red meat and red wine.


From the farm to the table

Hinterland offers a wide variety of the best cuts straight from our Kalahari farms – the exact same cuts you can find in our on-site butchery.

Our Hinterland farm produces only the best in choice grade meat, the premium quality you can expect from a natural and authentic Kalahari cattle farm. 

The best wineries in
your backyard

Our wines are imported directly from the suppliers in the Western Cape, offering you the same quality and affordability as the respective winery.

What is more, the prices for our Rust & Vrede and Guardian Peak selections are the exact same prices you would pay at the cellars.


Hinterland at home

The same high quality products we prepare and serve at Hinterland, are available on order from our on-site butchery and winery.

Treat your guests with the same food experience from our restaurant, by buying the best quality cuts over the counter. Our Rust & Vrede and Guardian Peak wines are also available at cellar prices for you to buy and serve at home.

Visit Hinterland

Because of our curated collection of fine food and wine. Stay a little longer because of our welcoming atmosphere and generous hospitality. Return to Hinterland to once again reconnect with yourself, others, and the great adventure of life.